Celebrating 82 Years of Philanthropy

Women devoted to furthering educational, fine art and cultural endeavors

Celebrating 81 Years of Philanthropy

Women devoted to furthering educational, fine art and cultural endeavors


Legion in Action

We are proud of our projects!  With over $2 million in funds distributed to various educational and cultural organizations around the world, we are busy.  Check out some recent charitable activities.


Legion Events

What's happening?  The Legion is active, involved and everywhere!  See events, invitations and what this dynamic group of women has going on right now.  Become a member and join the fun!


Scholarship Program

Need money for college?  As an all-female organization, we support ambitious young ladies in their higher educational endeavors.  Our Debutantes make their dreams a reality!

'I Felt Like Cinderella'

Want to know what it's like to be a Debutante?  Let our young ladies tell you themselves about their unique, once in a lifetime, magical evening that's more memorable than Prom!


Past Legion Presidents

The Legion would not be where it is today without the unending spirit, enthusiasm and commitment of the 37 (and counting!) women who have been at the helm of this organization.



The Legion consists of women in a variety of careers, bound by their desire to help others.  Our members assist with interviewing techniques, job advice and networking, landing you the perfect job.

2022 White and Red Ball

Come see us at our 82nd Ball on February 26, 2022!

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Help us in our mission for the Polish Community.  Donate today!

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Learn more about your Polish roots, enjoy community events and enrich your life with service to others. Become a member today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a Debutante?

Any young lady of Polish decent between the ages of 16 and 24 can participate. 

Who can attend the White and Red Ball?

Anyone!  The White & Red Ball is our largest fundraising event of the year and attendance is open to anyone who makes a reservation and purchases a ticket.  Tickets can be purchased online or register on our mailing list and we will send you an invitation.

How do I become a Legion of Polish Women member?

Simply go to our Membership page, sign up and you'll begin receiving email announcements about our meetings, activities and events.

Legion Announcements

Due to the current circumstances of Covid-19, we will be deferring our White and Red Ball until 2022.  If you are a prospective debutante or family member, please contact us via our prospective debutante form under the "White and Red Ball" tab.

Stay healthy, stay safe!


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About Us

In response to the needs of the people of Poland beginning with the start of the Second World War, Helen Lenard Pieklo and a group of friends founded the Legion of Young Polish Women (LYPW) on September 2, 1939. This immediate response set the tone for the work of the Legion that is in existence today.

Contact Us

Legion of Young Polish Women
PO Box 56-110
Chicago, IL 60656

[email protected]