White and Red Ball

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About the White and Red Ball

The first White and Red Ball to benefit Polish relief was held on February 6, 1940 and a historic dimension was added in 1945 by incorporating the Presentation of Debutantes – the first “en masse” presentation ever held in the United States.

The Queen of the Ball is determined by fundraising.  The night of the Ball, the young woman who has raised the most money is announced and crowned at midnight.  The Queen, 1st Runner-up, and 2nd Runner-up are each awarded a scholarship to further pursue their educational goals.

All money raised by our Debutantes is distributed throughout the year to our many worthy causes.


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2019 Debutantes

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Emma Baran

Daughter of Anthony and Małgorzata Baran


Katelyn Carlson

Daughter of Keith and
Angela Carlson


Barbara Makowski

Daughter of Paweł and
Karolina Makowski 


Jessica Vignocchi

Daughter of John Keno Vignocchi and Margaret (Peggy) Tancula Vignocchi


Julia Walczak

Daughter of Franciszek and
Barbara Walczak


Kamila Wilczek

Daughter of Andrzej Wilczek and Barbara Jagoda


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